Maundy Thursday conversation with Dad

I didn’t realize how a 15-minute conversation can turn my life upsidedown

It was a quiet Maundy Thursday afternoon, I was preparing to cook our dinner when my dad suddenly started talking to me about the life they had when he was still young and his relatives that we (his children) never had the chance to meet.

After a few stories, I was quite surprised when he asked me about my long-term boyfriend, Brian. What surprised me the most was the fact that he asked me if my boyfriend and I already have plans of getting married and start our own family. Honestly, it was not the first time that someone brought it up during a conversation, with me or with my boyfriend. We’ve been together for almost 9 years and 6 months (as of June 2016), that’s why most of our friends are asking the same question.

Whenever my friends and office mates ask me the question, i always answer them with “I am still young (I’m 26 years old), my goal is to get married at 29 just like my parents,” but the weird thing was, I was not able to give that answer to my dad. I just answered “no plans yet papa”, I thought that the conversation will end there, not until he said “you should start planning about your own life, I think Brian is a good person, we will be okay, don’t think about us too much”, and then I suddenly felt that maybe, just maybe, I might be too busy providing for my family that I almost forgot that I need to start my own.

From that day until now, I still can’t figure out how my perspective about marriage and starting my own family has changed.  I started to think about the things that I never considered before, and I started to accept that sooner or later, I need to be strong enough to take that one big step, a leap of faith, and embrace this reality.

Book: Saving Wishes

My favorite lines from the book Saving Wishes by G.J. Walker-Smith

“Every picture ever taken is a fraction of a second, frozen in time forever.”

“I’d rather have five minutes of something amazing than a lifetime of nothing special.”

“I’m always going to see things differently. I’m going to continue to chance things to fate. I’m always going to believe in magic and I’m always going to trust that things will work out in the end.”

“Once you stop being ruled by your heart and start actually listening to what your head is telling you, things will become clearer. There just shouldn’t be compromise at seventeen.”

“Soon I’ll just be a girl you used to know.” The look he gave me wasn’t kind. “And what will I mean to you?” “You’ll be the boy who once saved me from myself,” I said bleakly.”

Iloilo and Guimaras Adventure 2014

Earlier this year (January 24-26, 2014), my friends and I visited Guimaras and Iloilo to experience Dinagyang Festival and of course, to visit some of its famous tourist attractions. We chose not to join tour groups or avail tour packages since my boyfriend’s relatives live in Iloilo plus my friend who is also staying there for a while offered to tour us around (Yey! lucky us. Connections.. Connections!)

Ariline: Cebu Pacific

Accommodation: People’s Hotel (Address: Corner Delgado-Fuentes Street, Iloilo City, 5000, Iloilo) Website:

Our itinerary:


Molo Church
Iloilo Esplanade
Calle Real
Fort San Pedro
Plazuela de Iloilo

Sponsor’s Mardi Gras
Ted’s La Paz Batchoy
Coffee Break

San Miguel
Trappist Monastery
Raymen Beach Resort


iloilo1  iloilo2

iloilo3  iloilo4

iloilo5  iloilo6

iloilo7  iloilo8

iloilo10  iloilo11


guimaras3 Guimaras8

Guimaras4  Guimaras7

Guimaras5  Guimaras6

The 3 days and 2 nights stay is not enough to explore the other attractions and tourist destinations in Iloilo, but we are very satisfied and happy that we were able to visit and see some of them. This is my first time to visit this place and I’m definitely planning to go back someday.

I would also like to say thank you to CebuPacific because they were able to return my Sony camera, which I left at my seat inside the airplane on our way back to Manila. You guys are amazing! =)

To my travel buddies, Jan Brian Kristoffer Soliven, Pamela Galindez, Joyce Hipolito and Jireh Alombro. Ulitin natin ito! 🙂

What I ❤️ about my new hairstyle

Thank you very much Freshaire Salon for my new hairstyle 🙂 I super love it!! From long and curly to short and simple ❤️❤️❤️




I’m a happy customer of Freshaire SM Megamall Branch (5th floor, Mega B). The staff and stylists are all friendly 🙂

Thanks for the awesome experience!

Something interesting: Love & Misadventure

It was a long day. After having lunch with my officemates in a fastfood near our office, we decided to spend a little time at a bookstore. Since the three of us are fan of books, we browse some of the books that we’ve read before and shared some moments browsing new ones. Then suddenly, one of my officemates handed me a book she read before and there, i saw a line that made me feel like i really have to read this book.


“I don’t know how you are so familiar to me—or why it feels less like I am getting to know you and more as though I am remembering who you are. How every smile, every whisper brings me closer to the impossible conclusion that I have known you before, I have loved you before—in another time, a different place—some other existence.”

Excerpt From: Leav, Lang. “Love & Misadventure.”

Cellophane Treatment at Heaven’s Salon

It’s been almost 11 months since I last visited Heaven’s Salon for my cellophane hair treatment. I am a satisfied costumer of Heaven’s Salon kaya binabalik-balikan ko talaga 🙂

Here’s how my hair looks like before going to the salon:



Last year, I went there at around 10am in the morning kaya wala pa masyadong customer, but this time i went at around 3pm na that’s why I waited for like 20 minutes. But it’s okay since I went there late na and weekend pa so I expected it na rin. Wala naman nasayang na time. As soon as nagstart na ung staff na assigned na magservice sa akin, tuloy tuloy na =)



First thing na ginawa niya is to check my hair at medyo may interview portion pa kung kailan yung last na treatment sa hair at kung kailan ako nagpadigiperm. Not sure if may effect ba un, atleast she asked bago niya ipush ang cellophane treatment. 

Then ayun na, since may permanent color na kasama ung cellophane, ung favorite color ko ang pinili ko – warm velvet blonde 7/7. Same color parin like last year. Since she knows naman na nagpacellophane na ako before, ung sa may upper part lang muna ng hair ko ung inapplyan niya nung treatment, then after 30 minutes, she applied naman sa may lower part nung hair ko, then after 10minutes, she advised me na pumila na para ishampoo and iconditioner na ung hair.




After Shampoo and Conditioner, sa pagblower naman ng hair ang pila. Well, pila talaga, dahil super dami ng customer nila. Marami rin naman ung staff nila kaya mabilis din naman magmove ang pila =)



After blower, medyo sinuklay-suklayan lang konti then nilagyan na nila ng moose since curly ung lower part ng hair ko.Then that’s it. After almost 2 hours inside the salon, tapos na ang cellophane treatment! And the cost? Php309 pesos only. Yes, mura lang kaya affordable talaga. May mga packages din sila for customers na gusto magavail ng rebonding services nila since popular din sila because of that service.

I’m a happy customer again. Thanks Heaven’s Salon (Pasig Branch)!




Next time ulit!

♥ myanvera